Waiting for Film

Saturday, June 11, 2011 · Posted in ,

A couple months ago I bought myself a Holga camera.  For anyone who doesn't know what that is they are toy cameras very cheaply manufactured out of China.  They are notorious for taking horrible pictures with lots of vignetting and light streaks but they have actually developed almost a cult following.  Even Flickr and Facebook have groups dedicated to Holga photography.  So I decided to give one a try. 

I bought it off ebay and it was just over $20 and shipping was free.   It came wrapped up so nicely with a ribbon.  I had no idea what to expect, everything is manual and the film doesn't even tell you how far to forward it when you are winding in, I had to count 32 clicks between each photo.

So a couple weeks ago I took in my first role of film.  I didn't take a lot of care when shooting the photos because I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  I didn't think most of them would even work out.  But I have to say I am actually happy with the results and excited to get out and shoot some more.  And after many years of digital photography there was something kind of fun about not getting to immediately see my photos and having to wait for them to be developed.

So here for your viewing pleasure are some of the first shots out of my Holga.  Nothing exciting but still kind of fun.

The vignette's on these last ones were not done on purpose.  I think they happened because I was a lot quicker with the shutter (you control how long it stays open by holding it).  It was a bright day and I was afraid of over exposure. 

One Response to “Waiting for Film”

  1. I think these shots are cool. My favorite is the third one down. It takes me right back to a field that I used to play in as a kid. The cat and dog are extremely cute.


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