Alcatraz Island

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While going through some of my old San Fransisco shots last week for my blog post I came across a bunch of photos of Alcatraz that I took from the tour boat.  Again they weren't very clear shots due to the distance and limitation of my camera but I thought they had potential so I added some texture to the photos to make them a little more interesting.  Do you think it worked?

4 Responses to “Alcatraz Island”

  1. Holy cow...these are awesome. All are great. I love the tones in the third one down. Something about the color of the sky that I really love. So cool.

  2. So glad you joined the class. Have you participated in one of Tracey's Picture classes before? Not only are the prompts helpful and inspirational, the community of people in the virtual classroom are so supportive and fun. My user name over in class is JessV. You're can't beat the price for what you get out of it.

  3. yes...i like really makes it seem more mysterious!!

  4. Great shots of Alcatraz. I've been there...don't you just love San Fransisco.

    Bright blessings,


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