On the Down Low

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 · Posted in ,

The other morning my husband came around the corner to find me laying on the back patio.  At first he thought I had fallen (I am quite clumsy, it isn't impossible for that to happen) but in fact I was laying there because a small weed growing up next to a rock caught my eye.  Probably it caught my eye because one of the small petunia blossoms off my planter had blown off in the night and was laying next to it.  Even though it was just a rock and a week somehow it seemed like a pretty little vignette to me and I ran off to get my camera to capture it and the little thistle growing up beside it as well. 

I think it is every photographer's goal, to catch the beauty in the small things we encounter around us and to me this said "pretty".

One Response to “On the Down Low”

  1. lovely. thank you for sharing these on ss today.


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