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This photo was taken during our Winter Carnival.  Every year they have a balloon fiesta and I always have to admire the people who are willing to get up in those balloons in mid February.  Seems like it would be way to cold for me.

The receipe for this edit was very simple and inexpensive.  I did the whole thing using Picnik.  Here is what I did:

Loaded the photo into Picnik and cropped it to get out the tree top.
I thought about editing out some of the sky above but I liked the way the
balloons seem to be drifting towards the break in the clouds.
I then increased the vibrance which really brightened up the sky.
The final step was to add a texture to the photo to make it a little warmer
and more interesting.

2 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. I just tried out Picnik for the first time yesterday and was impressed by how simple and easy it is to use! Nice work on this edit.

  2. I need to give Picnik a try ... I've seen lots of good edits using it! Thanks for sharing! Love the warm tones here, and balloons, in general! We don't see many this time of year, but I couldn't imagine being up there during the winter, either!


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