Do Not Go Softly Into The Dark Night

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 · Posted in ,

It has been very cold here, with the windchill we are supposed to get down to -27C overnight and stay that way all day tomorrow.  Normally this time of year we have daytime highs around 3C so it makes me a little less inspired to get out there with my camera.  So tonight I chose a photo from the last full moon.  There was just enough cloud cover to give the moon a soft ethereal feeling behind the trees. 

2 Responses to “Do Not Go Softly Into The Dark Night”

  1. You totally made me smile in Big Picture. I'll be looking out for you. This shot reminds me of Twilight, which I totally still have to read. My friends call me a Twilight Virgin and pick on me. I have three kids and an issue with can I read a book.


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