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Again I am participating in Pixel Perfect's "Critique This" Blog Hop.  I really value the opportunity to get feedback from others on my photos even if it is constructive criticsm I really feel it is truly a great opportunity to learn.  According to the blog hop definitions I would be a beginner. 

I really like photos taken close to objects that show their detail and texture but honestly I am not sure a lot of other people do.  I really liked this photo but when I showed it to my husband he was kind of ambivalent.  So I am asking your opinion.  I do realize that in a lot of cases photography is in the eye of the beholder so if I like this type of photo I should just keep taking them but I am interested in appealing to others as well.  Here are the before and after photos.

I didn't actually do much editing on this photo.  I simply added an levels adjustment to bring out a bit more of the detail in the back ground and then added a warming filter to warm the entire image up. 


I would love to thank everyone for their comments, the overwhelming interest is to see me up the black in the exposure and turn the photo to black and white.  Honestly I didn't think it would do it justice but you know when I do these changes it brings out almost a whole different photo.  Any thoughts on this?

7 Responses to “Critique This”

  1. I like. Love what you did with it.

  2. I like the texture, but perhaps you might think of converting it to black and white in order to enhance the texture some more.

  3. I think the texture is visible but may have been more visible if you sharpened it slightly or boosted the blacks a tad. That is what I do anyways when trying to enhance texture, though, I'm not sure that is what a professional would do or not. I think it's a lovely photo either way. :)

  4. I like it, the 'naturalness' of it intrigues me. I probably would have boosted up the exposure a bit and made the blacks a bit darker to make the front details pop a bit more. A black and white conversion might do cool things to this photo too.

  5. I'd love to see this in black and white. Or even upping the contrast to really make the leaves pop. Such an interesting shot.

  6. I really like both of these shots. I'm attracted to brown tones, but love the timelessness of b&w. I like the texture and shape of these leave. Nicely done.

  7. I love the black and white and I think you would be very happy with it if you boosted the exposure up quite a bit, its a bit too dark now for me but I like it better than the first. Both are great photos though lol


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