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Today I am participating in Pixel Perfect's blog hop "Critique This".  Below is my photo for consideration.  I welcome all constructive criticism.

Based on the descriptions on Pixel Perfect I would be a beginner.  I edited this photo using Elements 9.  I slightly adjusted the levels and added a warming filter, that was all. 


In the comments Tiffany wondered what the photo would look like in black and white so I quickly edited it and added a B & W version.  I would have to play with it a bit more if I was going with a black and white because the rushes in the middle kind of get lost but I just did a quick edit. 

5 Responses to “Critique This”

  1. Love it .Love how you did a slight adjustment to em gives it a warm feeling..

  2. I like the added warmth. The exposure looks good in both images.
    Though this has a lot of elements that make a good image, one thing, I feel, that is doesn't contain is interest. This picture does not hold my attention for more than a few seconds. I wouldn't know what to do with it. I bet you can catch different angles and add more interest in the subject :) Good effort!

  3. I like how the focal point is diagonal and not the typical horizontal and vertical. I also like that you gave it a warming filter, but not so much that it looks unnatural. It looks like the setting sun is shining on the snow and plants. After reading what Angel said, I bet if you took some more shots in this area and then collaged them together on a wall that would look really good and maybe draw in more interest. I really like it though!

  4. At first glance I thougt it was kind of boring. But the more I looked the more intrigued I became. What does it look like converted to b&w?

  5. The second photo is the better one. Really well done.


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