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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 · Posted in , ,

I am taking a photography e-course and this week's assignment was to take pictures of our feet in some of our favorite places.  Just to clarify this isn't a technical photography course but more of a "find yourself" kind of course.  

I love taking photos on railway lines.  Something about the long lines, the rustic wood and the inevitable weeks and flowers growing up among them so I thought this would be a good place to photography my feet. Unfortunately as you an see the photo came out way too dark.  Since I heard the train coming in the distance, and since I know you can be fined $10,000 for being on the tracks, I decided it was time to go.  It wasn't until I got home I realized how dark the photo was.  Thankfully Photoshop Elements came to the rescue.  I was able to adjust the levels and brightness and end up with an image that while maybe isn't technically perfect works perfectly for my course presentation. 

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