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Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Things I am going to Embrace in 2011

1. Authenticity - I will no longer be guarded and self protecting.  I will show the world the true, vulnerable and real me.
2. Photography - I want to get technically better but I also want to be more creative and see the beauty in simple things. 
3. Walking my dog - After a long day at work it is the last thing I want to do but I love the little guy and want to keep him healthy so a walking we will go.
4. Exercise and diet - I need to make healthy choices as it has such an effect on my physical welbeing.
5. Saving money - I want to travel and see so many places, in order to do that I need to start saving.  Seeing the account grow will be a great reward.
6. Friends - I want to be sure they know how cherished they are.
7. Work - I have always been hardworking but the last year has been such a challenge I have lost some enthusiasm.  With my new mindset I think I can again embrace work and what can be accomplished.
8. New experiences - I like my life orderly and planned, this year I want to fly by the seat of my pants and enjoy everything that comes my way.
9. Pleasure - For so long I have denied myself the feeling of pleasure and excitement.  I felt that until I accomplished all I felt I needed to I couldn't be happy, or feel excitement or take pleasure in what I had accomplished.
10. Creativity - I want to create, be it photos, writing, making jewelry or anything else, even if I am the only person who sees or enjoys the results.
11. Journaling - I like to write but for some reason I find journaling difficult but since my life and attitude are changing so much right now I want to keep a record of it.

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