Mini Makeover

Friday, July 8, 2011 · Posted in ,

I was inspired to do a mini makeover of our front porch by Kim Klassen's post over here.  Now we don't have nearly the porch she does and since we still have to finish the landscaping on half the front yard (you would not believe how much dust is created by the delivery of a load of landscape rock) I didn't want to spend a lot of money decorating but I wanted something prettier than we had.  My parents also arrive today and I knew they would like a nice spot to drink coffee in the morning.  All I did was pick up a couple new plants added the bright cushions and buy a little container for the shells which I already had in the cupboard. 

So below is a before shot, which is shot in terrible light, and a couple after shots.  I also threw in a couple of macro shots of the flowers because...well...I just couldn't help myself.  If it were possible for me to make a living just shooting flowers I would so be all over it. 



Gratuitous Flower Shots

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