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Over the last weekend we travelled to the Kootenay's for my aunts wedding in Cranbrook, BC.  It has been close to 10 years since I have been there.   We had a bit of time to kill Saturday between family lunch and the wedding so I dragged my husband out to Fort Steele. Fort Steele can trace it's roots back to the gold rush days in the 1860's although most of the original town was destroyed by fire in 1906 I believe so most of the buildings date back to the early 1900's. 

I love history and vintage so Ft. Steele is the perfect place for me to visit and I haven't actually been there in close to 30 years since we moved away from Cranbrook when I was a child so a visit was in order.

Below are some of the photos I took on Saturday.  None of them are technically exceptional, the sun was right overhead so the lighting was really harsh and we had a lot of shadows but I played with a few Nelly Nero and Pioneer Woman actions on a couple of these and added some of Kim Klassen's textures to some of the others to try to hide some of the harsh lighting.  I am not sure if it worked or not but it is such a great place to visit I thought I would show everyone the photos anyway.  Hope you enjoy them, the mountains in the background are simply amazing.

There actually isn't anything historic about this little guy.  He was tied up outside the gift shop and looked so cute peeking out from behind the sign I had to take his picture.

2 Responses to “Historic Ft. Steele”

  1. what a beautiful place! your photos all look like crystal clear postcards! stunning!

  2. The actions and textures you chose are so complimentary of the time period depicted in the photos. Very nicely done. The little dog looks just like my parent's pup. It's a cute portrait.


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