Historic O'Keefe Ranch

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O'Keefe Ranch is a historic site right her in Vernon.  The ranch was founded in 1867 and many of the buildings are in fantastic condition.  The mansion on the ranch is amazing, it isn't a mansion by today's standards but at the time it would have been truly been impressive.  The main house had hot and cold running water installed as far back as 1910 which I found impressive.  It is a beautful place to visit.  I took a few shots while I was there and I have edited them using Kim Klassen's textures and Nelly Nero's actions to give them a feel that matches the time period of the ranch. 

I didn't edit the one below because I really like the colors just as they are, particularly the color of the wood on the building.

And I threw this in for fun.

One Response to “Historic O'Keefe Ranch”

  1. I love the colors in the General Store shot as well. Great work!


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