A Sharp Surprise

Thursday, April 21, 2011 · Posted in , , ,

A few weeks ago I had been wandering around they side of the road on the windswept side of the lake taking pictures of willow tree buds.  Of course I was looking up at the tree now down at my feet.  All of sudden I had this sharp pain in my shins and I looked down to see what I thought was about a dozen huge green burns stuck to my jeans and even into the leather of my shoes.  I didn't want to touch them so I shook my legs and used my camera strap to get them off and then headed home.  By the time I got home by shins and feet where burning.  I told my husband about my encounter and he assured me there was no such thing as poisonous burrs. 

So the other day we were both out for a drive and I pointed out the area where we had been and he said no wonder the pokes stung me that it was likely cactus and not burrs.  I had heard we had cactus here in the Okanagan but I had never seen any, not that I had been looking.  So this weekend I drove back to the same spot to look again, at the ground this time not the tree and sure enough...cactus.  I photographed the willow tree again as well but I was very careful where I stepped.  

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