Texture Tuesday - Orange Edition

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 · Posted in , ,

Here is my submission for this week's Texture Tuesday challenge over at Kim Klassen's Cafe.  The challenge was to use any texture with a photo showing your interpretation of orange.  Yes, I do realize a flower is not an overly creative use of an orange prompt but my love of flowers and flower photos won out.  So here it is...

It doesn't actually look like there is a lot of texture added to this photo but there is.  First I added a layer of Kim's Pumpkin Grunge to the photo and set the blending mode to Hue.  This brought out the color of the flower but gave a nice sepia hue to the rest of the photo, I then removed about half of the texture from the greenery on the left to bring back in some of it's color.  Then to blend it all I added another layer of Pumpkin Grunge and set the blending mode to soft light at about 22%.

4 Responses to “Texture Tuesday - Orange Edition”

  1. Deanna, I love this photo -- do you ever sell prints?

  2. It's beautiful. I too, love to take pictures of flowers, but I really tried something different this challenge. I love how you used the texture to turn the rest of the photo a more sepia tone to it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So beautiful! it's amazing what surprises a texture holds in store! just the fact that it muted out your background is amazing . . .


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