A Sunny Okanagan Weekend

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Yesterday we hopped in the truck and went for a drive south.  I thought we had no destination in mind just a little road trip.  I was perfectly okay with that because I knew I would be able to get my husband to stop at the art supply shop on the way through Kelowna.  It kills me that we don't have a decent art shop in Vernon. 

Anyway it turns out that hubby did have a destination in mind but was keeping it as a surprise for me.  Knowing how much I love to photograph flowers he took me to the Summerland Ornamental Gardens.  The Gardens are over 15 acres of ornamental and xeriscape gardens along with a butterfly garden and an arboretum.  We barely scratched the surface of this place yesterday and I am sure we will go back.  Hubby was very patient carrying around my extra camera lenses while I stopped to take pictures of just about everything.  I will post more photos later in the week but here are a few.  All shots are unedited, straight out of the camera so they are not as good as they could be but I just wanted to share some of the beautiful scenery.

And along the way back we toured along the water in Summerland and Peachland and I snapped these.

And then to round off our day we went to a car show here in town.  We generally do this every year, we start with dinner on the sidewalk at a lovely downtown restaurant and then head out to see the cars.  Here are a few shots of dinner and the crowds of people.

Dinner and Drinks with Hubby

The Shelby Cobra parked right in front of where we sat.  I was amazed that the owner of this beauty didn't freak out when a little kid spilled his slurpee all over it.  I would not have been so kind!!!

Our shadow on the street.

Guy trying to sell hubby a new (old) truck, which was very tempting, it was a beauty.

And from there it was home, to a bottle of wine on the back deck...ah...what a fantastic day. 

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