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Sunday, August 14, 2011 · Posted in

My husband and I both like to go to car shows.  He likes to look at the cars and I like to photograph them.  Although I think he wishes that I took more pictures of the entire vehicle.  What I don't like about car shows is all of the people who inevitably end up in the shot so I tend to take pictures of only parts of the vehicles, the parts I think look interesting on their own.  So below are some examples of the shots I typically take at a car show.

I like how the building is reflected in this shot.

I thought this old cooler was so neat, I love antiques.

 I had to get a shot of this pretty girl, look at her eyes!

Can you believe these are actually tail lights!

This shot has way too many people in it but I loved the original version
and the new version side by side so I couldn't resist.

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