Not quite what I expected

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 · Posted in , ,

These photos definitely did not turn out how I was hoping.  I had been trying out an OM Zuiko50mm macro legacy glass lens on my camera.  Basically these lenses were developed for the old Olympus OM film cameras but with an adapter can be used on the Olympus Evolt SLR cameras.  The only issue is that you have to shoot completely manual.  That is definitely a challenge for me.  When I looked at each of these shots in the display on my camera after taking them each one of them was in focus but when I downloaded them sadly the truth showed.

I was kind of drawn to the ethereal feeling of the photos so instead of just deleting the images I decided to try adding some film grain to them to see if I could make look like they were out of focus on purpose.  I used this really easy tutorial and altered the images.  I have to say I do kind of like the images that I ended up with, the soft, grainy look of them does appeal to me.  That I think is one of the wonders of photography, with all of today's technology we can make something of almost any photo.

One Response to “Not quite what I expected”

  1. Absolutely stunning!! So hopeful..and filled with 'spring'!!!


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