Heritage Murals of Downtown Vernon

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Downtown Vernon boast one of the largest outdoor public art galleries in Canada.  Twenty-five amazing murals, some as large as 300 feet long and 40 feet high, depict the history, culture, scenery and folklore of Vernon.  They are on a number of large civic buildings such as the post office, the side of the big box office supply store and some are even hidden in back alleys and are hard to find.

I could probably do three or four posts on these murals alone there are so many and I will likely do more in the future but yesterday I drove around town looking for some of the hidden gems, the ones on the sides of parking lots, hiding in the back alleys and even on the side of one of the local tattoo shops.  A lot of these photos are taken at quite an angle because they are in alley's and that is the only way I could get a large part of the mural in the photo. I didn't edit these pictures at all so they show piles of snow and cars parked next to them.  I wanted people to see them how we as residents see them as just part of the local scenery.  Although truth be told us locals get so used to seeing them we don't even notice them half the time.  It wasn't until I went looking for them yesterday that I actually noticed how many are out there and how beautifully they are done, of course the photos don't actually do them justic.


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  1. These shots came out beautiful. What an interesting place to visit.


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