Balloon Fiesta

Friday, February 11, 2011 · Posted in ,

Every February here in town we have the Vernon Winter Carnival and accompanying that is the Balloon Fiesta.  I am not entirely sure what convinces these people to go up in these balloons in the middle of winter because it must be so cold up there but they do and I just happened to be driving with my camera beside me when they took off mid afternoon last Friday.  In case anyone is wondering yes, I did stop the car to take these photos.  The last photo wasn't edited in any way it just looks so much different than the others due to the sun being right behind the balloons.

One Response to “Balloon Fiesta”

  1. Hi Deana! These images are beautiful. I especially like the third one down. The processing is REALLY cool on it and the composition in the last one with the light is perfect. Let me know when you get your camera and be sure to share some pics from it. I've gotta get better with my Diana before I start sharing. Thanks for popping by my site today!


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